The program explores contemporary concerns facing children and women of all ages in our communities such as sexual exploitation, domestic violence and children in detention. Dr Karen Zwi, paediatrician and academic, addressed Council in commemoration of human rights day (officially it is on 10 December). She talked about the condition and health of children in the […]

NCJWA Cancer Support Network invite you to join them for Morning Tea with Petrea King, Monday 6 November at 10.30am. Topic: How do we support ourselves and others while facing challenges?”.  

ICJW upholds the values inherent in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: that no human being should be discriminated against or marginalised. NSW is affiliated with the International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW). The ICJW supports the aims of the United Nations to develop conditions for world peace, ensuring that all human beings may live in dignity […]

National Council of Jewish Women of Australia NSW Div. (NCJWA NSW) is a volunteer community organization which responds to community needs engaging in a broad range of educational, social, community services and fundraising activities in the Jewish and wider community. We have a special portfolio dedicated to Interfaith and Multicultural interaction and endeavour to improve community relations […]

MUM FOR MUM NCJWA is a free non-denominational program whose recipient mothers in the first year of their baby’s life benefit from the emotional support of trained volunteers who are mothers themselves. To date MUM FOR MUM has supported approximately 300 mothers from more than 50 nationalities. “Witnessing the significant change in the lives of a family by providing consistent emotional support to […]