Status of Women

The program explores contemporary concerns facing children and women of all ages in our communities such as sexual exploitation, domestic violence and children in detention.

Dr Karen Zwi, paediatrician and academic, addressed Council in commemoration of human rights day (officially it is on 10 December). She talked about the condition and health of children in the detention centre at Christmas Island (a similar presentation is posted below). Whatever your political views about illegal immigration or the world in general, the fact that children are suffering (some children have arrived at the centre all alone) should be cause for us women to care and become passionate advocates for a more humane process of detaining children.

On 30 April 2015 Council hosted “Brave Miss World”. The film tells the story of Linor Abargil who was raped a few weeks prior to being crowned Miss World. Linor has become an advocate for female rape victims around the world. Prior to the screening, Karen Willis OAM, CE of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia addressed the audience.

BraveMissWorld – TRAILER from Brave Miss World on Vimeo.