Cuddle Bundles

CUDDLE BUNDLES provide gifts of babywear to mums in any accessible community who have new babies and limited means.

Cuddle Bundles evolved as a natural extension of the MUM FOR MUM NCJWA program founded and supported by the NSW division of the National Council of Jewish Women – a volunteer home-visiting program where volunteers who are mothers provide ongoing emotional support to vulnerable and isolated mothers in the first year of their baby’s life.

Cuddle Bundles began as a desire to fill the needs for babywear of the more than 100 recipient mothers per year in the MUM FOR MUM NCJWA program and the generosity of the community to offer their quality used baby goods to us. This remains our chore responsibility.

**** Cuddle Bundles has started supplying clothing to women’s refuges, health clinics and other welfare organisations as they identify a need.

Photo: Michelle Brandenburger, Celia Trackman, Joanne Gross

CUDDLE BUNDLES has also formed a partnership with Baby Bundles in Cape Town, who provide items including baby clothing, blankets, nappies and a soft toy to new mums mostly in the townships and clinics who have absolutely nothing with them to clothe or wrap their new babies in when they leave. Cuddle Bundles is currently also supplying goods to other orphanages and crèches in South Africa and is always looking for people travelling to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and East London to courier goods for us.

“The joy these mums display when they receive their parcels is heart-warming and we realise what an important project this is in helping new mothers as they embark on their new roles of motherhood”. Cape Town