Cuddle Bundles

CUDDLE BUNDLES provide gifts of babywear to families in any accessible community who have new babies and limited means.

The families are referred by refuges, are sometimes refugees, referred by the Royal Hospital for Women including ICU and the neo-natal care unit, Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territories. Donated goods to recipient families through The Crossing, Mission Australia, Jarrah House, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Warlu Arts Centre Child Care in the Northern Territories. St George’s Hospital, Wesley Mission, Barnardos, Ukranian refugee families.

We are very appreciative to  WAVERLEY MUNICIPAL COUNCIL, June 2019,  for supporting the development of the CUDDLE BUNDLE PROGRAM from their Small Grants Program and we are also a recipient of WOOLLAHRA COUNCIL’S COMMUNITY and CULTURAL GRANTS PROGRAM 2019/20. Again, thank you.

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**** Cuddle Bundles has started supplying clothing to women’s refuges, health clinics and other welfare organisations as they identify a need.

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Cuddle Bundles 2

Photo 1:  L-R: Michele Brandenburger, Ella Lizor, Celia Trackman

Group Photo- Mozambique 67 Blankets for Mandela March 2019

Photo 2: L-R: Michele Brandenburger, Joanne Gross, Celia Trakman, Claire Sarfati, Ella Lizor