Birthing Kit Packing Day


A huge thank you to all donors. We have raised over $3000 to purchase the contents of 1000 birthing kits.

We will assemble 6 items: 3 pieces of string (to tie the umbilical cord), a large sheet of black plastic (this provides a clean area for the mother), a small sterile blade (to cut the umbilical cord), a small piece of soap, 4 pieces of gauze to wipe the babies eyes, and a pair of plastic gloves. These items are assembled and placed in a small plastic bag. 300 sealed bags are then packed in each cardboard box and these boxes are in turn transported to developing countries. Our last shipment of Birthing Kits were distributed in the Congo.

Book now to reserve your place for our packing day. Call (02) 9363 0257 or email:
We would love you to join us.

We will also be showing the four times AACTA award nominated documentary film ‘i am a girl’ by producer/director REBECCA BARRY. We are thrilled REBECCA BARRY will be joining us for a Q & A on the day.

Birthing Kits 2016