Social Justice Summit

Social Justice Summit

We aspire to be a community that has equal opportunity for all, regardless of your gender.
Yet, it’s no secret that only a small minority of Jewish communal organisations have equal representation of women in leadership positions. The majority remain mostly male boards with male CEOs. In Victoria a specific campaign #MakeSpaceForHer was launched in 2019 towards changing that. In NSW, that work is now beginning, and we want you to be part of the conversation, and then the action.

Jewish women have all the experience, education, and passion to lead the community. So why isn’t this reflected in Jewish leadership positions? Doesn’t a shortage of women in representative roles mean women’s voices are not being heard? How can women lead change if they are not in formal leadership positions?
Just as Jewish communal organisations actively work for diversity, empowerment, and equality for all, they need to reflect the diversity in our community in their leadership positions.

The 2022 Social Justice Summit will take these thoughts further, analyse the roadblocks and start paving the path to gender equity in Jewish communal organisations.
The summit is for well-established activists and newcomers alike. Speakers will include: Yael Stone, Jillian Segal, Anna Green, Lisa Ezekiel, Nomi Kaltman, Courtney Winter Peters, Rebecca Forgasz, Yvonne Weldone, Elana Benjamin, Judith Levitan, Donna Jacobs Sife, Rachel Marie, Genevieve Abbey and more!

Bring your ideas to the table (literally – there will be roundtables) and let’s work together to create a community where we all have the opportunity to lead.
The Summit combines reflection and discussion with action and change-making. There will be time to share stories, meet new people, and a closing speaker worth waiting for.

* Gain insights from recent research and experiences within local Jewish organisations

* Hear from current Jewish community leaders

* Envision the way forward for gender equity

The Social Justice Summit is taking place on Sunday 28th of August at the Millie Phillips Sanctuary at Emanuel Synagogue in Sydney from 10am.- 4:15pm.

Childcare for ages 3-7 can be arranged for a nominal fee – please contact us if you want this service.

Ticketing data including contact details will be shared across the partners of the Social Justice Summit.
If you are in situation of financial hardship and would like to attend the Summit, please contact us for assistance.

Announcing our amazing keynote speaker for Social Justice Summit 2022: Award-winning Australian actor Yael Stone! Yael is best known for playing Lorna Morello in seven seasons of the multiply-awarded Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black. She’s known to Sydney theatregoers for many roles including Diary of a Madman and The Beauty Queen of Leenane. Yael has a slew of awards under her belt including Best Newcomer, Best Supporting Actor, 3-time SAG Award winner for Best Ensemble.
Emanuel Synagogue Shalom Stand Up: Jewish Commitment to a Better World Sydney Alliance National Council of Jewish Women of Australia – NSW

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