Since 1938 NCJWA has partnered JNF in joint projects, Neve Zipporah settlement (1957), Moshav Alma (1969), forests in Australia Park (1964) and Keren Maharal (1981), tennis courts in Misgav (1983), NCJWA Tourist and Recreation Park in Uvdah Valley (1989), Karmiel housing estate (1991), the Vera Cohen Besor Reservoir Project (1996), Children’s Playground in Shlomit (2004), […]

Since 1964 NCJWA has supported the Ilan Foundation, funding wheelchairs and computers for disabled children as well as contributing to Tel Aviv Ilan building upgrades.               Website:

Since 1988 NCJWA has funded numerous scholarships at Haifa University, enabling many Ethiopian Jewish women to study and complete degrees at the university.         See more here:  

Since 2003 NCJWA has set up and funded programs at the Haifa Rape Crisis Centre (HRCC), special education programs for young immigrants on sexual and social mores were the initial purpose of NCJWA funding.         See also: