www.cuddlebundles.org.au CUDDLE BUNDLES provide gifts of babywear to families in any accessible community who have new babies and limited means. The families are referred by refuges, are sometimes refugees, referred by the Royal Hospital for Women including ICU and the neo-natal care unit, Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territories. Donated goods to recipient families through […]

Days for Girls at NCJWA NSW is a community ‘making project.’ Working together we create components that go into reusable sanitary care kits for girls and women in developing countries. When access to menstrual pads is lacking school days are lost, and particularly in disadvantaged communities incomplete education means earlier pregnancy and more children – […]

The program explores contemporary concerns facing children and women of all ages in our communities such as sexual exploitation, domestic violence and children in detention.    

ICJW upholds the values inherent in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: that no human being should be discriminated against or marginalised. NSW is affiliated with the International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW). The ICJW supports the aims of the United Nations to develop conditions for world peace, ensuring that all human beings may live in dignity […]

National Council of Jewish Women of Australia NSW Div. (NCJWA NSW) is a volunteer community organization which responds to community needs engaging in a broad range of educational, social, community services and fundraising activities in the Jewish and wider community. We have a special portfolio dedicated to Interfaith and Multicultural interaction and endeavour to improve community relations […]

No new mother should feel isolated and alone. Contact MUM FOR MUM NCJWA through the MUM FOR MUM NCJWA website www.mumformum.org.au MUM FOR MUM NCJWA is a confidential, non-denominational home-visiting program where trained volunteers who are mothers themselves visit a mum in the last trimester of pregnancy and for the first year of their baby’s […]